Sunday, December 19, 2010

The year that was 2010...

I thought as it's getting closer to Christmas and the end of 2010 that I would share my reflections on the year that was 2010.

  • I became even more addicted to watching the T.V series; True Blood and Burn Notice...
  • I watched my 3mth old baby grow into a walking, babbling, throwing toddler...
  • We endured months of sickness (thank you day care) and now have immune systems of steel...
  • I thought about loosing weight...alot!! But have had to realise that thinking about it doesn't actually make it happen (damn it); this is on my 2011 list...
  • I came up with an idea that would make parents life easier and so the decision to launch alittlebird was made even though I haven't had an unbroken nights sleep in over 12 months...phew!
  • Further to sleep and lack of it; we spent a week at sleep school, controlled cried, rocked, patted, nursed and finally co-slept in order to stay sane during those broken nights....
  •  I did not spend nearly enough "date nights" with my hard working husband (it's also on the list for 2011)
  • I gained new friendships through my mothers group that I know will last a lifetime...
  • I saw alittlebird go live in August (yay!) and have since seen our community grow and benefit from what started as an idea..
  • I realise my friends can get tired of hearing "I'm working" whenever I'm asked "what are you doing tonight"
  • I have learnt heaps personally and professionally and look back over the journey 2010 has taken me through with a smile on my face and am eternally grateful for the amazing supportive people in my life :)
So how was your 2010 and what are your thoughts on 2011?

I'm looking forward to 2011 bringing my family and I prosperity, good health and a few less kg's for me would be great.


  1. What a busy year for you Mel! You have achieved so much in one year and done it with such good humour and style. The fact you have done this one little sleep is truly amazing. I'm so pleased to be one of your "new" friends! Cheers for all your hard work. The website is so great for parents and will just keep getting better and better.

  2. Wow, Mel... what a roller coaster of a year.

    2011 is going to be a good year for A Little Bird and for us all personally. It's time.

    Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family.