1. When I was a little girl around 8 years old I made a list of 3 things I had to accomplish in life.
  • #1. Build a snowman
  • #2. Have my own desk that I can re-arrange all day (looks like I was always destined for the corporate world)
  • #3. To go on the "cup and saucer" ride at Disneyland.
Now I don't want to disappoint the little 8 year old in me so I've explained to my husband that these things are non-negotiable. Luckily for him I've already  achieved #2, the large desk that I can rearrange all day; many many times over; infact I've gone one step further and I now have a whole dining table (my current office) that I can "rearrange all day". But only if I had the time.

2. I feed the local wildlife; even though I know I shouldn't. I am currently feeding the mumma and dadda butcher birds each morning with Koby and in return they sing up beautiful morning songs (we are waiting for the arrival of their little bubba butcher birds in their nest) But that's not all; I also feed our resident possum; who in return for the occasional banana; poops all over our verandah and mows down any flowers I plant each night so I can't have flowers growing. Dan can't work out for the life of him why I encourage the possum and neither do I but I do.

3. I am very much into all things Vampires at the moment (along with every other female on the planet) but particularly True Blood (the HBO t.v. show). Every Sunday night my girlfriends and I head over to gastronobree's house for delectable dinner and dessert creations (check our her yummy food blog) and we sit down with a lovely bottle (or 2) of red and watch True Blood; my fave way to spend a Sunday Night.  

4. I love icecream!! Yes, yes we all love icecream but I really love icecream! I could eat it all day; every day; I never tire of it...ever! I love neopolitan, vanilla, caramel or my personal fave, coconut icecream with cookie dough. Yum!!

5. I don't like coffee!! Did I just hear you *gasp*....sad but true and it gets worse; I don't like honey either; strange huh (well that's what my husband says).

6. I got married in Bali. My love affair with all things Indonesian started when I was in highschool in Cairns; my best friend was Indonesian and we studied Indonesian Language at school for 3 years which came in handy for the many times I've been over there. Our wedding was beautiful and intimate and it was just how we wanted it.

7. My favourite shoes are my Birkies. I hardly ever wear heels coz I'm 6ft tall and already feel like a giant and I don't really have a choice when it comes to shoes due to large giant feet, luckily it doesn't get that cold in Brisvegas.

So, there you go … a little more about me. If you are a fellow blogger feel free to keep it going and share 7 things about you; don't forget to tag me please :)