Friday, October 22, 2010

Out and about with kids...and their hats!

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Isn't it awesome when the weather is sunny; you've got the kids bags ready and decide to head to the park for the day. In this last week we spent a day at the amazing kids playground at New Farm Park and a local park near the Ferny Hills Primary School with my lovely mothers' group.

The kids have a ball; running around, eating bark, interacting with other kids, while the mum's either chase after the kids because they've decided a drain is way more interesting than the actual playground and occasionally we get to sit down and relax.

Being out and about in Australia as we all know it's important to be sun smart especially with our little peoples delicate skin; so it's hats and sunscreen to the rescue. Except for my 1 year old boy! Let me explain...

He has ginger hair (there I said it; btw we have NO idea where it came from) and therefore he has that gorgeous translucent skin that often accompanies gingers. BUT he will not wear a hat of any description; no matter how tight I tie the under chin strap; even with 2 other mum's helping me. All the other bubba's are happily playing with their hats on..except Koby! I've tried making it fun, wearing it inside, me wearing a hat and the ever so joyful game of "I'm not going to loose Koby" where I followed him around for 20 minutes putting the hat back on his head every time he pulled it off; I ended up loosing.

So as much as we both love getting out and about to our local parks (alittlebird lists some great one's in it's new directory) I'm concerned about his sun safety.

I think in the end I will have to sunscreen his head :)

Love to hear your suggestions on hat wearing along with what your kids are like when it comes to sun safety.

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