Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What does your child really eat?

This week’s guest blogger talks about all things diet with our kids and despite all our best intentions to give our kids a healthy balanced diet like in everything they do; ultimately it’s up to them and what they choose to eat.
So common fess up and share with other parents, what does your child really eat?
The other day all Koby would eat for lunch was biscuits; I figured it was better than nothing :)

Guest Blogger
My 3 year old has Up and Go’s for breakfasts; does that make me a bad mum?
She loves to eat raw mushrooms, straight from the brown paper bag (occasionally she eats one before we have gone though the checkout).
She also loves corn on the cob and more often than not will choose to eat a plain piece of Pita Bread for lunch; nothing on it! She loves meat of any variety; this was a child who was chewing a piece of steak when she was 9 months old; she loves it! 

Should I be worried about her eating?

I don’t want to make a big deal of her eating habits as I want eating to be a joyful experience, not something we argue over. I figure she’ll come around to eating cereal for breakfast....one day. On a plus she does love eggs and soldiers but that only happened in the past 6 months.
She runs about, laughs and is a very happy child. She loves her mum and dad, her friends, her cousins, doggies and she loves life. She has beautiful manners, cares for others and gets to spends lots of quality time with the people that love her; so should I really be worried about what she eats?
I guess it's important to remember that it’s perfect for her not to be perfect, just like her mum and dad and all the other interesting and colourful people in the world.
So in the end who really cares if she will only drink Up and Go’s for breakfast.
Share with us your child's interesting food habits :)


  1. My 17mth old is going through a phrase where he seems to love all foods that are white! English muffins, toast, homemade potato chips, pieces of chicken breast, cruskits, ricecakes........anything as long as it is white! Introduce any sort of bright colours and he wont have a bar of it! I had become a bit tricky by thinly spreading avo on his cruskits but he has now seen through it, however will eat it if I spread vegimite on top of the avo! Thats a start I guess, at least some vitamins are going in!

    The way I see it, he is a very healthy happy boy and will one day be interested in my other offerings and all things bright! Well heres hoping anyway!

  2. my 3-year old has recently given up his beloved veggies, now proclaiming they are DISGUSTING. So now I get to spend half my life trying to hide grated stuff in the spaghetti bog...

  3. My one year old daughter has been very slow to accept any food at all (very devoted breast feeder) and what she will eat is very limited. We can pretty much only count on arrowroot biscuits, avo on tiny bits of bread and nutrigrain soaked in milk. Anything else is met with utter contempt and hands that strike away said food with ninja like precision. Oh, and she must have In the Night Garden on while she eats. Sigh!!

  4. "theres a party in my tummy! yeah! so yummy so yummy! I wanna eat yeah!" Yo Gabba Gabba.

    I definitely admit that getting our little ones to eat the right food is not an easy task. My toddler would quite happily live off "toas and bubber"(toast and peanut butter)!

    but it is important to make sure they are getting the right nutrition.

    I have heard and am quite happy to use this as my guide that you can calculate their diets on what they eat in a week!

    I know this post was not asking for advice but i thought i would add this...
    I AM CERTAINLY one for convenience.... and food replacement drinks are great(my eldest son* has liquid food often)! Just be sure to look carefully at the artificial stuff and sugars and salts added to them if they are used all the time. i dont know what 'up and go's' are like..i am sure you have looked :)
    will she drink home made fruit milk/yogurt smoothies?

    I dont think there is anything wrong with a milk/yogurt and fruit drink for breakfast!

    Our interesting(and my guilty mum) meal is chicken nuggets from Macdonald's. I have convinced myself that the "100% chicken breast" means 'please ignore the fact they are deep fried and full of salt!'
    They are an absolutely life saver when i have been running the boys around all day to my eldest appointments and hadn't had time to pack lunch!

    *My eldest son is severely disabled.

  5. My 1 year old twin boys will eat everything I place before them. So far they have shown a fantastic appetite and no fussiness. I know that one day they will start turning their noses up to certain foods and it's almost guaranteed it'll be veggies and all things green ... but until then I'm going to be dishing out everything I can.

    Oh, I can't give them broccoli for dinner as they have such bad gas from it that they actually wake themselves up from sleep. That's pretty impressive gas!!

    Now that I have typed this out loud I think I may have jinxed myself!!