Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleep ideas when out and about with kids...

How do you ensure your kids have a sleep even when your out and about for the day?

Do you try and stick to a routine or just go with the flow and see how the day pans out?

Do you take the long way home so they have a sleep in the car or hope they sleep in the pram while you have a coffee?

It's a question that for some sleep deprived mum's can be quite stressful and I know for myself in the early days used to put me off going out at all as I didn't know what to do about...sleep!!

Kids love getting out and about; trying new things and having fun and here at alittlebird we encourage and promote acitve kids SO how do we as parents ensure we have active healthy kids AND manage the ever important and ever elusive S.L.E.E.P!

Share your thoughts, suggestions and amusing stories here; love to know what you do when your out and about :)


  1. good question! i'm always so jealous of those lucky mums at the shops with a sleeping baby in the pram. I cant remember the last time Maya (1yr) slept in her pram - it would have to be at least 6 months ago. We try not to be a slave to her routine, but life is much more peaceful when we do. When we do go out, we try to time car trips with sleep time..and now that she's getting older a missed day sleep isn't as catastrophic as it used to be :) Cant wait to see what everyone else does
    Karla xoxo

  2. I am also soooo envious of those parents wandering places looking cool, calm and collected while their baby peacefully snoozes in the pram. They seem to be everywhere!! My daughter (1 yr) has NEVER slept in the pram even if she has been awake for hours. My baby has never slept much during the day and when she does it's usually just a little catnap (SIGH!) so I go out often as we both enjoy getting out and about and the day is long if you spend it at home with a non-napping baby. I think if she did do long naps during the day I'd be more careful to be at home for her sleep time. I often drive to where we are going and get her to nap in the car and I bring a book and just park somewhere quiet until she wakes. I chop and change from being impressed by mums who are on a strict sleep schedule as it seems so organised and civilised to being happy to having a loose routine which overall works pretty well for us.

  3. Thanks for sharing ladies; it seems at the end of the day our small people will do what ever they choose; sleep or not and as parents we just need to survive :)

    You are all doing a great job being the wonderful parents you are.

  4. my two have never been pram sleepers either!
    I too am envious of those who do have pram sleepers!

    Mostly i try to get home for sleep time.
    On longer days out when they were younger I would use my slings. They worked the best for out and about sleeps.

    Now they are older i just let them stay up for the day out and then put them to bed early.
    they sometimes nap in the car on the way home.

    My two are Three and half and 18months.