Sunday, October 3, 2010

I heart my Ergo!

Ergo Carrier that is!! For those that haven't read my birth story (click here) I gave birth to a very large boy nearly 1 year ago and thank goodness I had an Ergo Carrier. I also had other sling type carriers but when you have a baby the size of a 3month old they don't do a whole lot apart from break my back.

That's where the Ergo comes in handy; even now at 12.5kg I can still carry him in it. That's the great thing about it; it takes big kids! AND being that my husband and I are "giants" it fits us great as it sits on our hips and takes all the weight there; unlike other baby carriers where the weight is around your middle.

Why am I blogging about my Ergo Carrier you might be wondering? Well there are 3 reasons:

  1. If anyone is pregnant or has a friend who is pregnant well I wouldn't reccommend any other carrier 
  2. It's International Babywearing Week this week; which is all about celebrating parents who carry their bubbas and there will be celebrations at local parks and cafes all week.
  3. Any excuse to put up photos of Koby
Check out some of the great events on this week @ Babes in Arms whose initiative is sponsored by ERGObaby


  1. Ergo's are the best!!!!!!!

    We love our Ergo and my mia tie which is like an ergo only with wrap straps instead of clips. Which worked out perfectly when I needed to carry them both! My 8kg three year old my back and my 6kg bubba on the front!


  2. PS - :) Hey Mel, I think i already let you know who i am; we met at sleep school way back!

    was thinking if you would ever like a Guest blogger to write a post about parenting a child with disabilities I'll put my hand up!! :)

    Hope you are well!