Saturday, October 2, 2010

School holidays, wet weather and sick kids..

School holidays have drawn to an end; I hope alittlebird helped make planning what to do with the kids easier and that we got you out and about trying new things :)  

As a new parent I was so impressed with all the awesome activities on offer for kids over the school holidays. Even my local shops had this cool Paint with Sand thing that I almost had a go of; instead I watched the young girls put brightly coloured sand on their ballerina pictures.

The wet weather did however put a dampener on a lot of the awesome outdoor activities. I have my son's 1st birthday party planned in a local park for this Saturday but I may need to re-think that option. If you got this weeks newsletter we are focussing on indoor fun - places to go and fun things to do inside!

As a kid I remember telling my mum on rainy days after she dropped me off at school that I didn't want an umbrella to walk home with. Instead I purposefully took my time walking home so I could jump in puddles and pull on the leaves of trees so the rain would pour onto my head. Sure I got home soaking wet but that hot shower never felt better. There are some older kids who live in our street and I saw 3 of them the other day running around outside in the rain - now that's having fun!!!

So as much as there are heaps of fun things to do indoors when it rains; sometimes the most fun to be had is outside with your gum boots on; splashing in puddles; collecting rain in a container; searching for all the different critters that come out in the rain, making paper boats and racing them in the water......

You may have noticed my post also includes sick kids.....well this weekend was our first bout of a vomiting bug with Koby and if you're a parent reading this I know you will understand but wow! I have never seen so much vomit in all my life. Thankfully my little boy improved one we got some electrolytes into him and we are slowly introducing solid food again. We were going to go to the Thai festival on at South Bank today but instead we are going to stay at home.

I hope you all enjoy your week. We are also on the look out for people to join our alittlebird team; if you have sales experience and love the alittlebird brand please contact us.

Happy 1st Birthday Koby!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Koby!!! Cute picture of you - Teresa xxxx