Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunshiney Goodness...

Out and the yard!

What gorgeous weather we have been having; so we decided to get out and our own backyard.

With all the rain we've been having the weeds have literally taken over our yard and all our gardens; some nearly as tall as me (eek). It’s also super annoying whenever the cat or Koby or well anyone goes outside they always come back with those “sticky prickles” all over them; something had to be done!

So sunscreen, hats and gloves on; we started the massive task of weeding and the funny thing is we all started to really enjoy it. Koby did his best to help with the weed pulling in between throwing pebbles and chasing our cat Mr Sooty; who is becoming the best “baby sitter” ever. If you ever turn around and wonder  ”where’s koby?” just look for Sooty; that’s where Koby will be.

So with about 20% of the gardens weeded we had a family excursion down to the local nursery to pick out some new plants. It was a great way for us as a family to spend the weekend; outside in the fresh air; tending to the garden and accomplishing well overdue tasks.

NB: The only negative; I seemed to have forgotten to sunscreen my entire right arm; which by the end of the day was a bright lobster red while my left arm a lovely pale sunscreen covered colour; oh dear!!

Sunday Markets

With $20 in my pocket; one bright red arm and Koby strapped into his pram we ventured down to the local Ferny Grove Markets. Wow!!! So many great bargains to grab, loads of plants and those yummy little tiny pancakes. We picked up a $4 book of “Games to play with toddlers” (I have the predecessor “ Games to play with babies” and it’s awesome), $3 swim suit for kobys swimming lessons in great condition and for $10; a toy bus packed full of mega blocks.

We took off from there on our way to the Mitchelton Farmers Market; this time rather than take the pram I thought I would let Koby practise his walking; with a quick stop at the atm. But would you believe all 3 places to withdraw money on Blackwood Street were all empty; so with a quick walk through the markets; meeting various puppies; we went home empty handed.

Swimming classes

Do you take your kids to swimming; do they love it? We’ve been going every week since Koby was 4 mths old and he loves it. He loves it so much he has turned into a spectacle due to how crazy he is in the pool! All the other parents have quite dignified kids who do all the correct moves and manage to leave the pool with most of their hair nice and dry; unlike me who is completly soaked through from Koby’s insane splashing which is while I keep him at arms length.

With the warmer months coming I have to say it’s a relief to know that Koby is so confident in the water and we are looking forward to our holiday at Caloundra and enjoying the sun, sand and sunshine.

Where are you taking the kids this xmas; share here with other parents.

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  1. We did the Ferny Grove Markets the other week for the first time:) Wow - I cant believe that it took me a year to get there.
    Thinking that it might be fun to catch the train up one weekend - everyone (expecially if you are two!) love a ride in a train.

    We have been enjoying being out and about in the sun as well - we headed down to the tweed coast for a spot of swimming and camping last weekend and enjoyed a midweek ride in the Roma Street parklands.

    We are heading to Mackay for Christmas and will be camping while up there as well - really looking forward to it.