Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kids...we love them through and through...

Oh what a week!! When your kids are sick and you have to spend the whole entire week quarantined to the house; how do you stay sane?

By the end of my "I can't do anything but hold you" week; I was very thankful when the weekend finally rolled around but it also made me realise a few things:

1. I like my dedicated work days (tiny human day care days) where I can wholly concentrate on my work and do what I need to do during those days.

2. I like my dedicated "tiny human" days; where I look forward to spending the whole day with my special little guy knowing I don't even have to turn the computer on if I don't want to (ok I do when he's sleeping tehe)

3. If I don't get Point 1 and Point 2; well it's not pretty.

I know; sickness happens; kids get sick and there's nothing we can do about it; I whole heartedly accept it although it doesn't mean I have to like having a child permanently attached to my waist all week.

I know I know I sound wingy but the real reason I wanted to share my tail of woe last week is that I do have a saving grace that I wanted to share with everyone and no it's no vodka ;).

It's a little book called "I love you through and through" and even after a terrible day with the small people in our life when I read this book at the end of every night; I am only filled with love and appreciation for my special little guy. (Thank you book depository)

I came across the book during my week long stay at Sleep School where I met an incredible bunch of women including one lady in particular who mentioned this book to me. She was at sleep school for her youngest who wouldn't sleep plus had full time care of her disabled toddler; this book helped her stay sane.

So when times get tough just remember that you love their top side and their bottom side, their insides and their outsides. But most of all we love them through and through...yesterday, today and tomorrow too :) 

Share your thoughts on how you stay sane when the kids are sick at home.

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  1. Hi, I have just found alittlebird and want to say thanks for your great site. I was reading about your time in the yard, I too have weeds almost as tall as me, my daughter go and picks me beautiful bunches of dandelions, I havent the heart to tell her they are weeds! We even have a special little vase on the kitchen window sill for them! I hope your new garden is lovely! I'll visit again, Susan