Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring + Cleaning = Markets

Isn’t it funny what a change in month, season and weather does to so many people?

I wasn’t going to do any spring cleaning; it hadn’t actually crossed my mind...until! Until I received a parcel in the mail from a lovely friend I hadn’t heard from in a while; inside was a lovely note and a gorgeous pair of shoes.
The note read something like this “I was spring cleaning and found these lovely shoes that I picked up in the US; I’ve never worn them as I bought a size too big; I thought you might like them; hope they fit”

Thank you spring cleaning; the shoes do fit and are just lovely!! So armed with a new pair of shoes I set off on my own Spring Cleaning adventures. So far I have completed 2 x rooms of the house and more importantly accumlated a large pile of un-used things. 

Which leads me to my next topic Markets. alittlebird will be showcasing at the Good Buy Baby Markets this weekend and I am hoping to sell some of the hidden unused treasures that I have discovered on my Spring Cleaning journey. I hope to see you there at the markets; I can’t promise pairs of shoes; but you never know.

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