Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fetes and Festivals

My Saturday adventure started when my mum suggested we go check out the Strathpine Fete; which she saw on After a false start; (Fete is at the showgrounds not the school) and a detour via a garage sale we made it. As we were about to walk in I had to confess; I had spent all my cash at the previous Garage Sale and had to ask my mum for some money; I felt like I was 10years old wink

The Fete is set in the showgrounds so is open and spacious and therefore quite relaxing. We found heaps of interesting things including a nostalgic game I used to play when I was a kid which I bought for $4 to share with Koby, lots of plants (my mum), an old  working hand mower which I was interested in until someone else snapped it up before me, vintage tupperware, "old lady cakes and biscuits", loads of brik-a-brak and second hand toys for kids and best of all I managed to stick to my "allowance"

My mum and I had a great Saturday and have vowed to go back again in a fortnight to see what other goodies we can find.

This weekend there are lots of Fetes and Festivals on and I encourage everyone to grab the family for a fun filled day that won't break the bank. We will be checking out the Samford FestiValley; might see you there.

What is your favourite thing about a Fete? Share with us on facebook. My favourite things are "old lady cakes and biscuits" and grabbing a bargain

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