Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blogs and Star Wars

Welcome to my first blog....ever!!! 

As a novice blogger you will have to excuse my non blogging-ness as I navigate the blogging world. Currently I have just hit the button and made alittlebird live after months of hard work, woohoo!. I won't be cracking the champagne just yet though as we work hard over the coming weeks to get as much content on here as possible.

Anyways; one of the cool things about alittlebird is I found something really awesome that is on for the whole month of August; which I wouldn't have known about if alittlebird  didn't exist. It's Star Wars month down at the Logan City Council Libraries; that's right clone troopers, lightsabers and galaxy's far far away!

My husband is a HUGE non geeky fan (he insisted I clarify that he is not a geek and that collecting star wars toys is very cool wink)  of the Star Wars saga. So much so that you can barely walk into our very crowded study without bumping into a tie-fighter or having a battle with storm trooper over who get's to use the computer. Now I know the activities at the library are for kids; but who wouldn't want to make your own star wars badges or participate in the light saber challenge. You might just run into my husband he's the 6ft 7 man dressed as Bobba Fett.

I look forward to keeping you up to date on what is happening in the alittlebird  community as you join me for a journey through blogging, being a mum-prenuer, raising kids and coping with husbands who collect kids toys.

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