Sunday, September 19, 2010

View events on your mobile

Technology these days pretty much blows my mind! I only recently acquired my very first mp3 player; as I clung to c.d's desperately. But I have to admit; technology does make life easier and more convenient.  As alittlebird was being build I discovered a very cool function. The ability to download ANY event that you like into your outlook email at home; will make it easier to remember what you planned on going to.  

But it gets even better; my sister-in-law has her outlook email hooked up to her mobile phone; so any activity she likes on alittlebird  can be viewed on her mobile when she’s out and about. WOW!!! 

Check out  the download button at the top of the Calendar and give it a whirl. Another great way alittlebird is helping make our lives as parents easier

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