Sunday, September 19, 2010

Festivalley - Activity of the week

After a certain small person's midday snooze we made our way out to Samford to check out the Festivalley; run by the local Steiner School. Luckily we bought along the "4-wheel drive" 3 wheeler pram as we had to park a fair walk away. Having never been to the Steiner School before you can't help but be impressed by the surroundings and how creative the environment is.

We made our way to the "pre-schooler" area where Koby had the time of his life throwing around the dry crunchy leaves (who needs a festival when there are leaves to be thrown) that lasted about half an hour before Dan and I got bored and moved him along.

Next stop the farm animals; which was heaps of fun for Koby and me - check out the "caged animal"

There were heaps of creative and fun activites for kids to enjoy; especially if they are a bit older than Koby. Dan and I got our treat with a belgium spiral pastry; absolutely worth the wait. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and great to check out the school.

Did you make it to Festivalley? I hope you told them alittlebird sent you; we did

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