Sunday, September 19, 2010

Highchairs, Paint and Fathers Day

Handy Hint #1. If you own a plastic fantastic Ikea high chair like I do; then take heed do not put paint, yes even non toxic water based paint on the chair so your “small person” can paint daddy a lovely Fathers Day picture.

Mine turned a lovely brown colour that after repeated attempts of cleaning and scrubbing continued to look like Koby had smeared #2’s on it

So off to the shops to buy a replacement; on the plus side we now have a nice indoor one and a crazy craft high chair for outside time.

How did the painting turn out; you might be wondering?
Similar to the chair; a big brown mess and of course the gig was up when I had to explain to hubby why we had a new high chair.

Being that it was hubby’s first Fathers Day; I had great plans for the day; that required the following 3 x things to occur: Sunshine, a healthy household and on time delivery.
  1. It rained! So the whole park, let’s go for a walk idea didn’t happen.
  2. Koby was very sick! The place I booked for breakky was a good half hour drive away and we had a very sick little boy on our hands that needed to go to a doc so it was off to the local coffee club for breakky instead.
  3. Delivery was not on time! Instead of this awesome book I had ordered for the hubby he got a photocopy of what it looks like and the promise that it would arrive...some day.
It sounds a bit doom and gloom but as with anything in life; when life throws you lemons; you order fish and squeeze lemon all over it (we had fish for dinner). We had a super fabulous day and instead of a walk we went for a drive through the mountains; we had a sleep in, cuddles and pressies in bed, a lovely breakky and the rain was a blessing because we spent the afternoon at home relaxing.

I hope your Father’s Day were special no matter what you did.

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